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About Us

Speak Loud Group was first and foremost launched out of passion for business and a desire to see businesses and local communities thrive. I have spent the majority of my life in the construction field. During that time, I became passionate about business development and growth. I found myself learning everything that could be learned about modern marketing and advertising. For the last ten+ years, We have spent time and money educating ourselves on the inner workings of the most effective platforms for marketing and advertising. For five years, our services were only offered to friends, family and implementing these strategies into our personal endeavors. Very quickly it became clear, what we were building. We decided we wanted to help businesses and communities grow their businesses through digital efforts. Speak Loud Group was born out of that desire. We wanted to be able to offer that hands on partnership feel. We now have several local business and community partners, some in other parts of Texas and others in different parts of the U.S.! At the root we are a small business ourselves, our clients have direct access to me at any time. We are truly passionate about your success.

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Owners - The Shirley Family

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