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Video Work

two main types of video work

Lifestyle Video

Business Video

These videos tell the story about a business or organization from an outsider's perspective. While having videos of your business talking about your business are great and encouraged, it is highly attractive to have someone outside of the organization talking about it. 

From businesses, organizations, events, destinations even general areas around town of interest we can spot light it! 

These videos PROMOTE! Think summer sale, ladies night out, education, the story behind your business, behind the scenes. Everything is possible when shooting video for your business. I personally love mixing in humor where possible in videos. Putting faces to your business is valuable, telling people why they should do business with you is valuable, promoting your products or services is key. 

Levels of Video

Every project is different. They all have an end goal of what they are meant to accomplish. Every video does not require multiple cameras, advanced lighting, wireless microphones or drone work. Some do! I keep the options flexible. Most of my clients fall in the "mid range" video production. That means HD video work, some lighting, some microphone and maybe occasional drone work. 99% of the time the client has something about their business they want to highlight and I do the creative work of coming up with an idea. From there we discuss the video, I create the shot list and we plan time to shoot. Lifestyle videos less costly than entry level business videos and entry level business videos are less costly than elaborate productions. Everything comes down to budget and time, we can make great content together that drives results without killing the budget.

Examples - Just A Few Recent Ones

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