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Investment Options

Two Amounts To Consider

1. Our Retainer

Our retainer is the monthly fee we charge for our services. Our retainer is determined by the amount of services your organization needs. We determine the amount of staff hours and creative time needed for your monthly services. We factor in videography, editing, graphic design, scheduling, posting, maintenance and other project task. Our goal is to execute creative, ad creation and maintenance seamlessly and quickly.   

2. Ad Spend

Ad spend is determined by you. We will make a recommendation based on your goals, target market size, and which platform(s) you will be advertising on. A simple rule of thumb for Facebook and Instagram is a minimum of $10 per day per 30,000 people in your target audience. Google is specifically keyword based. We will run research to determine what bidding on keywords will cost and make a recommendation based on that. These are not written in stone and based on your goals.




Our Launch tier of services is a single specialized service. The service varies from business to business. For some it is a single focused ad campaign to build brand awareness. For some it is a lead generation campaign. For others it is email automation. 

Our Grow tier of services is structured to package multiple services. You may need a lead generation ad campaign coupled with a lead vetting or qualification email and SMS automation. Possibly you need a branding campaign for cold traffic and a retargeting campaign for lead generation. 

Our Scale tier of services is for established organizations ready to scale up with a multi - stacked approach. At this tier we are a full extension of your business as your multifaceted marketing and advertising team at a fraction of the cost of a full in house team. 

Investment Options

Optional Services For Each Scope: 

Drone Work
Search Engine Optimization
Additional Campaigns / Platforms
Advanced Automations


Every single one of our clients have different needs when it comes to digital marketing. Some simply need basic help with Google and Facebook others need a full digital campaign strategy built and implemented.

We offer various options to ensure we meet the individual needs of each client. 

We offer a no obligation discovery meeting to better understand your needs and goals for your marketing and advertising. 

We focus on long term solutions not a temporary "fixes". We are not product or service pushers, we want to understand your goals and plans for the future as well as the immediate needs of your organization. 

As you explore our offerings listed here, keep in mind we offer customizations to these options. 

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